Our service

Satoshi's collar™ is the section of Descartes Search, LLC dedicated to the recruiting of manpower knowledgeable about crypto-currencies, the underlying block-chain based technology and the business related to crypto-currencies. This manpower represents the people that are shaping the next revolution, the new Internet, something that goes beyond the Internet, a super Internet.

Not only we deal here with the recruiting of software engineers but we also deal with non technical positions, such as executive positions as long as they belong to the the digital/virtual currency industry, another name for the crypto-currency industry.

The founding members of Descartes Search, LLC are knowledgeable about crypto-currencies and the blockchain concept. They have been fascinated by them since September 2013.

They are also knowledgeable about computer science and engineering in general. Therefore, we believe that Satoshi's collar™ is in a perfect position to help any company that is looking to build a business related to crypto-currencies such as nubit or bitcoin or any business related to blockchain-based technologies, in Tokyo and Japan.

Satoshi's collar™ is offering to you the retainer search consulting service provided by Descartes Search, LLC to find you candidates in a reasonable amount of time for a reasonable price.

Alternatively, depending on your needs, Satoshi's collar™ is also offering to you the sourcing consulting service provided by Descartes Search, LLC.